MSSS has set up a unique solid waste management facility that closes its loop with organic farming in a farm located at Hoskote taluka, 25 Kms from Bangalore City. The farm is a demonstration cum learning centre to citizens, students, farmers, officials and other engaged in waste management and environmental concerns. This facility is named as “Mythri Manasa Sangama (MMS)” meaning where friendly minds meet together to gain insights into working of nature and of humans, to enhance human life specially for those who struggle for survival. MMS would be a place of experiential learning in integrated solid waste management, organic farming and application of technology for rural development and livelihood improvement.



Salient Features of Closing loop approach:


Different type of composting – microbial, vermin composting, forced aeration method

Dry waste collection centre – to develop standards, generate revenue, job creation and improve livelihood

Rain water harvesting facility to address water scarcity in the area for farming

Waste Garden from waste materials (paper, plastic, glass and wood)

Organic farming , Hydroponics – soil less farming, Green house farming

Ground water recharging , Water conservation tank

Ecosan toilet facilities

Smokeless Chula usage

Bio Gas production

Solar electric Fence

Vegetable and Horticulture activities, Waste garden created out of waste materials

Bio pest control methods

Livelihood improvement for waste pickers/small farmers

Training centre and sharing of information



The project will help waste pickers transition from picking waste off the streets to working in better conditions, alternatives and to complement in agriculture and cultivation for farmers and help large cities to find decentralized solutions that does not require large tract of land, would encourage farmers to compost and enrich the soil, small municipalities, panchayats to explore and find solution through integrated sustainable waste management practices.