Women Empowerment

Women and Children are always considered as focus group for MSSS intervention. MSSS acknowledges inherent capabilities of women in administering the well being of their family as well as of the society. They are the forerunners of the family have numerous positive changes that affects the whole humanity. MSSS promotes women empowerment through Self Help Groups (SHG) formation and focuses on economic and social empowerment. MSSS also facilitate them to learn basic financial correspondence with bank, obtain basic amenities like ration card, voter id, AADHAR card, health check up, health and life insurance.

The project is actively working in 34 slums of Bangalore city with participation of 2264 women. The Self Help Groups are helped to obtain loan from NABARD and following graphs details on statistics of the year 2014-15.

  • Active SHGs’ : 163
  • No of groups linked with NABARD : 107
  • Cumulative loan amount : INR 43833000.00
  • Total Repayment for the year: INR 16966346.00
  • Loan purpose

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